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Kwin Tong Competitor Co Ltd (recruitment agency, Hong Kong) is focused on the local and foreign markets and operates in strict compliance with the international standards, utilizing the latest advanced technologies that increase the performance effectiveness of each employee and the company on the whole.

Our mission: we aim to professionally facilitate the development of Chinese and foreign companies’ business activities by providing high quality services in the field of HR consulting!

Recruitment agency Kwin Tong Competitor Co Ltd, Hong Kong – investing into your leadership position!

In the current economic climate in the world, it is no easy task for a company to keep its TOP leading position in the market, regardless of what business sphere the company operates in. The laws of business are straightforward and clear, but it is not always easy to implement them in practice. That is why while some companies are working on creating their history, other companies are already part of history. So, who is the creator of the company’s history? History includes the experience of successful partnership and continuous expansion of business, which in the end results in earning great profits, the ultimate goal of any company when it is first established. Who are the connecting links in this chain? Naturally, it is the people – true professionals in their fields – willing to give their effort, knowledge and skills for one ultimate goal: to reach Success!

It is not an easy task to establish a team of professionals and specialists working for the good of the company. As the old saying goes: ‘Between two stools you fall to the ground’. And it is exactly how it works in real life. It is virtually impossible to successfully run and develop a business and search for the required personnel at the same time. In the end, trying to do these two things at once will lead to the inevitable fiasco.

The important task of searching, selecting, assessing and training personnel – people that will work at your company – can only be trusted to reliable specialists. Only the best recruitment agency can assume responsibility for the high quality of such professional services. The situation at recruitment agencies that do not adhere to such principles is rather grim. And, by the way, would specialists from such recruitment agencies in Hong Kong be willing to give you any guarantees? Very few recruitment agencies will provide guarantees, as full-fledged and substantiated guarantees can only be given by the best recruitment agencies in Hong Kong and all of China.

Why recruiting agencies? Why Kwin Tong Competitor Co Ltd (recruiting agency, Hong Kong)?

Using the services of professional recruiting agencies allows you to:

  • Improve the quality of personnel-related work, as recruitment is carried out by professional recruiters and psychologists;
  • Significantly expand personnel search as recruitment agencies carry out personnel search not only among specialists that are out of work at the moment interested in the current vacancy ads, but also among professionals currently employed whose information we can access either at our resume database or receive from professional recruitment sources;
  • Cut down organizational labor input and working hours involved in staff recruitment (HR service/department, phone lines, office equipment and materials, advertisement through the Internet and specialized media, a meeting room for interview, etc.). In many cases, choosing a recruitment agency as a long-term partner will allow significantly decreasing the recruitment costs; in other cases, the company’s carrying out staff recruitment activities on its own is counter-productive and not cost-effective;
  • Significantly shorten personnel recruitment time. Thanks to our recruitment agency’s extensive database containing resumes of specialists in various fields, we can provide resumes of the first candidates within 3 days after the commencement of a project;
  • Using the services of a recruitment agency, you will save on the time required to interview the potential candidates, as you will only be considering the candidates from among the specialists already pre-screened and selected by our agency;
  • Avoid numerous mishaps and misunderstandings due to unclear agreements between the candidate and employer, changes in plans, lack of communication, poor knowledge of the location, shy personality and thousands other reasons that may ruin even the most advantageous union. As a professional intermediary and reliable partner, recruitment agency Kwin Tong Competitor Co Ltd will coordinate and streamline all the stages of the process for both the candidate and employer as they move towards each other, from the very first personnel search stage and throughout the stage of the new employee’s adaptation in the new company;
  • Comply with the moral and ethical code when offering employment to a specialist working for a competitor; in such cases, all responsibility for such ‘enticement’ lies solely with the headhunter, recruitment agency Kwin Tong Competitor Co Ltd;
  • Ensure confidentiality of internal re-organization and personnel reshuffle, as well as avoid hiring persons from stop-lists of your ill-wishers;
  • Continuously expand your company’s human resource reserves. Recruitment agency specialists can carry out daily monitoring of specialists with the required qualifications.
  • Add value to the company’s image through utilizing professional recruitment services.